Hobbit holes, narrowboats and lighthouses: Leeds's dream homes

Almost a quarter of Leeds property owners would love to live in a 'Hobbit house'.

A Hobbit house

A survey by interiors retailer Curtains questioned local residents on their ideal home.

And the small, underground Hobbit holes with circular entrances inhabited by the characters in J R Tolkien's classic novel came fifth in a list of the top 10 unconventional domestic fantasies.

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Topping the charts was a traditional thatched cottage, which 30 per cent of respondents cited as their dream property. Twenty-three per cent were keen on a sustainable 'eco' home, while in third place was a converted chapel or church.

A thatched cottage

Other popular choices were log cabins, glass houses, converted barges or narrowboats, urban micro-apartments, floating homes and lighthouses.

The research also probed Leeds respondents on their favourite home features if money and space were no object.

The most coveted feature was a country farmhouse kitchen, which was favoured by 38 per cent of those quizzed. Close behind were swimming pools, spas, walk-in wardrobes, cinema rooms, converted outhouses, libraries, man caves, hidden rooms, wine cellars and outdoor hot tubs. Less popular were games rooms, model railway showrooms, golf ranges, gyms and garden rooms.

The survey found that 50 per cent of house moves in Leeds are determined by location, with most people dreaming of a quiet, rural setting. A large garden was the second most important factor in choosing a new property - although 46 per cent said they would sacrifice space for a premium location. Less that 20 per cent of Leeds residents claimed school catchment areas, commuter transport links and crime rates were decisive factors.

Floating houses
A thatched cottage
Floating houses