Launch of tablet to make life easier for dogs in old age

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Pet drugs company Animalcare has launched a new tablet to perk up ageing dogs.

Vitofyllin is a central nervous system stimulant for older dogs suffering from dullness, poor demeanour and unwillingness to exercise.

York-based Animalcare believes the market for Vitofyllin in the UK and Ireland is worth around £1.5m a year.

The company said the drug will fit in well with its growing portfolio of products to treat chronic diseases and old age conditions in pets.

The group said the project has enhanced its in-house expertise as the active ingredient for the product was unavailable and had to be contract synthesised, which was a first in new product development at Animalcare.

The group was able to bypass live animal testing as the drug’s ingredients are known to be safe.

This made the development quicker, more cost effective, less risky and avoided the need for unnecessary testing on animals.

Animalcare’s chief executive Stephen Wildridge said: “The launch represents the culmination of the biggest development project undertaken by Animalcare and is the product of successful collaboration with members of our European partnership network.”

He added that the magnitude and inherent risk of the project meant it would not have been possible for Animalcare to take on the task alone.

“With our partners sharing the risk, the cost and their expertise we have been able to bring this product to market on time and on cost,” he said.

Analyst Chris Glasper, at N+1 Brewin, said: “The market for Vitofyllin in the UK and Ireland is worth approximately £1.5m a year and we understand Animalcare’s management is targeting a minimum 25 per cent market share.

“This is an innovative four-way collaboration with three of Animalcare’s European partners and is the first of a minimum of four product launches planned this year.”