Heavy price to pay for running electric cars – Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Paul Brown, Bents Green Road, Sheffield.

Are electric cars good for the environment?

We ARE advised to drive cars powered by electric batteries which use raw materials from the lithium triangle of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.

The production process for this substance illustrates our government’s contempt for the welfare of people living in third world countries and the environmental damage resulting from the run off of contaminated water used in the extraction of minerals.

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The environmental and economic case for electric cars continues to be subject to much debate.

Perhaps the next step would be to invite those affected to come here as refugees.

The problem of global warming will only be seriously addressed when we are prepared to form a partnership with one or two third world countries, 
not in any colonial fashion, and pay them a fair price for 

In return for this, there would be an opportunity for our business and finance experts to help them develop their industries.

By providing this service we would be giving their people a financial incentive to limit population growth, control migration and show more concern for environmental issues.