Scrap Leeds Bradford Airport link road plans to help cut vehicle emissions – Yorkshire Post letters

Should a new access road be built to Leeds Bradford Airport?
Should a new access road be built to Leeds Bradford Airport?
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From: Simon Bowens, Yorkshire & Humber/North East Campaigner, Friends of the Earth, East Parade, Leeds.

RECENT decisions by West Yorkshire Combined Authority to declare a climate emergency, and the launch of the Leeds City Region Climate Coalition, are to be commended.

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The recognition that this will require “fundamental changes as a city region” is correct. However, this needs to be translated into action.

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First and foremost among these actions should be for WYCA to cancel its support for the Leeds Bradford Airport Link Road.

Friends of the Earth’s 
research states that, if we are to meet our net zero climate emissions targets, we need to reduce the number of flights from and to UK airports by around 18 per cent in the next decade.

Spending £100m of public money to build a new road to enable the privately-owned airport to double its greenhouse gas emissions is surely incompatible with a climate emergency.

Friends of the Earth calls on council leaders across West Yorkshire to put our money where their mouth is, scrap 
the airport link road and invest the money into a world-class public transport system for our region.