Two-year wait for football regulation is too long - Yorkshire Post Letters

From: Alan Carnall, Barnsley.

Picture: PA.
Picture: PA.

Thank you for your front page article regarding the Government’s approval for an independent regulator for football.

Whilst I, as a football fan, welcome this positive step forward and is in line with the recommendations of the fan-led review, the timescale is far too slow.

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Theses changes need to happen as quickly as possible, not, as was reported, the regulator not being in place until 2024.

Let’s be honest, the Premier League is awash with money, otherwise they wouldn’t be paying stupidly high wages e.g £3.17m per year average in the Premier League in 2019/20

and salaries this season ranging from the top at £26m, to the 100th highest at £4m, and the 400th highest at almost £500,000.

Some of this money should be cascaded to the lower leagues and, most importantly, non- league and grassroots football.

I agree with the Sports Minister that the proposed changes cannot be done tomorrow but waiting another two years is ridiculous.