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Michael Heseltine's pro-Remain stance perplexes readers.
Michael Heseltine's pro-Remain stance perplexes readers.
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From: Donald Wood, Roundacre, Barnsley.

I WAS interested to read your report of Michael Heseltine’s visit to Leeds last Saturday (The Yorkshire Post, September 9).

Amber Rudd resigned as Work and Pensions Secretary last weekend.

Amber Rudd resigned as Work and Pensions Secretary last weekend.

I have a lot of time for Lord Heseltine, but I can’t understand his views on Europe. I’ll tell you why I think this.

A government frightened of Parliament over Brexit and People’s Vote is frightened of democracy and the truth – Michael Heseltine

As we know, he was a very successful businessman before he went into politics. The European Union has been, and is, run by failed politicians – the late Leon Brittan and Chris Patten were Conservative commissioners while Neil Kinnock and Peter Mandelson were Labour ones. It seems you get such a job as a consolation for being a failure at Westminster.

Remainers’ antics have made me back no deal Brexit: Bill Carmichael

Home Secretary Priti Patel (left) and Boris Johnson (right) during their visit to West Yorkshire Police - will they cut crime and deliver Brexit?

Home Secretary Priti Patel (left) and Boris Johnson (right) during their visit to West Yorkshire Police - will they cut crime and deliver Brexit?

I’m sure that this is the case with commissioners from other countries. Such a state of affairs gives me no confidence that they can run a successful concern.

I am surprised Lord Heseltine can’t see that with his experience.

Fears low income families would be ‘collateral damage’ in no deal Brexit

Also I think Britain leaving the EU is the beginning of the end for them. They know that and is that is why they’re doing all they can to stop us leaving. They must not succeed.

From: JA King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

I READ the letter from James Bovington (The Yorkshire Post, September 11) with disbelief – he should also state the EU has purchased his loyalty as universities, local authorities, large charities, the arts and most non-governmental organisations receive “loyalty” money from the EU.

This is money paid for by the British taxpayer. For every £1 these organisations receive, the British taxpayer gives the EU £2.

Just thank goodness we have some bright youngsters who have not been brainwashed by their teachers and lecturers and, as a result, are smart enough to have taken the time to study and to understand the anti-democratic European Union.

From: Tony Homewood, Leeds.

THE real reason that politicians are now screaming about constitutional outrages is not because Boris Johnson is doing anything wrong, or unlawful. It is because he is refusing to bend that flexible constitution in their direction and he is making them do what they agreed to do at the outset – to enact the decision of the people.

From: Brian H Sheridan, Lodge Moor, Sheffield.

BERNARD Ingham notes the double standards of the “preposterous Scottish Nationalists who want independence from Britain but subservience to Brussels” (The Yorkshire Post, September 11). They are motivated not by politics but by visceral anti-English prejudice.

Patel in touch with police

From: Christopher Clapham, Shipley.

THE Home Secretary Priti Patel has called for urgent action over assaults on police with tougher punishments (The Yorkshire Post, September 11). This is long overdue and at last we have a Home Secretary who is in touch with the public and police.

The present punishment is just a measly 12 months and they will not serve much of that, if the truth is known.

First, we need to be honest and stop trying to fool the public with punishments that are not fit for purpose. Criminals must serve the full sentence given by courts so that we the general public know exactly what is been done on our behalf to protect us.

And monsters who attack police officers should serve a minimum sentence of four years or longer. This is only a start. However well done, Home Secretary Patel.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

DUE to the actions of successive governments, we no longer have an effective police service.

The multiple killings in our cities and towns are the result of the degradation of our once admired police. Who says crime does not pay? It sure does now. Criminals continue to commit theft and burglary in the certain knowledge that even if they are caught, and that is unlikely, they will get either a short sentence or even a suspended one which allows them to continue their nefarious activities undisturbed by our almost no- existent police service.

Boris Johnson has promised an increase in staffing, but I doubt we shall see officers on our streets anytime soon.