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From: Paul Morley, Long Preston, Skipton.

LISTENING to all these people going on about everyone becoming a vegan, it seems to revolve round three things wrong with eating meat: cruelty to animals, being bad for the environment and bad for our health.

Do you support the rise in veganism?

Do you support the rise in veganism?

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But if eating animals is cruel what do we do with them? They will still be around if we don’t kill them, creating greenhouse gases as well as us who will be creating more greenhouse gases than before by eating only plant-based food.

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More importantly, animals will then be competing with humans for land to create food for us all. The only answer is to kill the animals so we can increase our growing power – rather cruel. No animals, no manure to fertilise the land so artificial fertiliser will have to be created, hardly good for the environment.

Is a vegan diet good for the environment?

Is a vegan diet good for the environment?

Eating only vegetables we would struggle to eat seasonally so food would have to be flown in, again bad for the environment.

As for health benefits, whether you subscribe to the theory that we evolved from nothing or that an old man with a white beard created us in a week, we are omnivorous because it is the best way for us to survive on the planet.

I’m sorry, but veganism for all just doesn’t stack up as being sustainable.