Boat Story BBC One: Yorkshire viewers react to episodes of TV series filmed in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Selby and Yorkshire Coast town Redcar and starring Daisy Haggard and Paterson Joseph

The BBC One series Boat Story was filmed in Yorkshire including in Leeds, Bradford and Redcar - here are viewers’ reactions to the show.

Boat Story aired its first episode on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on November 19, 2023 at 9pm.

The TV series followed two strangers who discovered a haul of illegal drugs on a washed-up boat and their luck quickly turns into mischance as they become targets of a mob boss who seeks revenge along with his hitman and the police.

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The action-thriller involves twists and turns and dark humour. It stars Daisy Haggard, Peep Show actor Paterson Joseph, Tcheky Karyo, Joanna Scanlan, Craig Fairbrass and Phil Daniels.

Fishing boats sit in Redcar. (Pic credit: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)Fishing boats sit in Redcar. (Pic credit: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)
Fishing boats sit in Redcar. (Pic credit: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images)

Various Yorkshire areas were used as filming locations including Leeds, Bradford, Selby, Halifax and Majuba Beach in Redcar along the coast.

Yorkshire residents took to social media with their feedback on the show.

Yorkshire viewers react to episodes of BBC One hit series Boat Story

“Comic thriller it’s billed as. What is funny or thrilling about watching someone having their tongue cut out I fail to see.” - Happy Wanderer

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Paterson Joseph and Daisy Haggard on Boat Story. (Pic credit: BBC)Paterson Joseph and Daisy Haggard on Boat Story. (Pic credit: BBC)
Paterson Joseph and Daisy Haggard on Boat Story. (Pic credit: BBC)

“Rather a lot of violence. It's all the same these days, no wonder we have a society of knife and gun owners and at such a young age too!” - Beryl Rafferty

“I found the 1st episode horrific, couldn't see where comedy came into it. The story is most probably good but won't be watching anymore. Had nightmares, couldn't stop thinking about it.” - Shirley Bell

“It’s a horrific violent drama; I watched 2 episodes and won’t be watching anymore episodes. Just wish they’d make a better quality series so surely they don’t have to be so dark & violent.” - Anne Locker

“From what I saw before turning over it seemed like a Tarantino film set in Yorkshire with an American narrative.” - Neil Watson

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“It's great, with a fantastic cast, reminiscent of Fargo. Or 'Whisky Galore' if it had been directed by Quentin Tarantino!” - Mike Mooney

“Enjoying it so far. Love the fairly implausible storyline and the great cast.” - Anne Pugh

“We enjoyed binge-watching 3 episodes at a time and we are OAP, yes violence but some humour at times.” - Kate Kirkwood

“But too violent and bit “stupid” for me but my town is due to be featured on it going to carrying on watching it and miss the violent bits so I can to see my town.” - Kayleigh Kavanagh

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“Watched 1 episode but gratuitous violence albeit tongue in cheek. Too much for me so won't watch rest.” - Caroline Lindley Dewhurst

“Watched the first episode, it wasn't what I expected, I won't be watching anymore!” - Vanessa Evans

“Way too violent for me, shocking in fact and I certainly wasn't laughing! Turned off 10 mins into the 2nd episode.” - Jeanette Burn

“Too much violence, probably a good story but won’t be watching future episodes.” - Nic MacKay

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“We were in Selby when they were filming. We had to leave Farmfoods & get out of the way as they filmed walking past the shops.” - Marilyn Pettit

“My partner lives in Selby, we were in town, when they were filming, couldn't get down Finkle St.” - Elaine Duker

“It caused quite a bit of excitement in Selby that day & everyone saying what’s going on. Unusual happening in our little town.” - Marilyn Pettit

“Far fetched story lines but saying that it's a great cast & only watching it for the locally filmed scenes.” - Karl Thompson

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“I've watched 2 episodes, no more for me the violence is shocking.” - Jean Wesolowski

“When the boys were in the fields, the King's Mills was in the background at Knottingley.” - Jean Steel

“Loved it, it was very dark but also very funny in places.” - Shirley Thirling Daniels

“Saw Dewsbury on it as well.” - Pauline Laffey

“It makes you watch it out of curiosity but it is odd.” - Mark Warburton

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“Spotted Linton village and Wood Hall hôtel near my hometown Wetherby.” - Jim Parkin

“Brilliant, but too much violence.” - Colin Launder

“Couldn't get me head around it, found it slow going but will try with the 2nd episode as it's Yorkshire.” - Dale Wilson

“Excellent series.” - Ged Ashton

“Recognised a lot of the spots in Halifax, especially the cafe scene in the market.” - Heather Midgley

“Very violent, and the ending was disappointing.” - Margo Henry

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“I remember Majuba Road being closed while they made The Boat here. Not a problem.” - Jim Inglis

“Should carry a strong warning; it’s horribly violent, is it really necessary? I would like to watch it but it's too violent.” - Jill Broadley

“Too violent. I had to stop watching, which is unlike me.” - Chris Murray

“It is very violent.... but on a brighter note, I did see Wilsden main street a couple of times lol” - Jill Raynor

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“Brilliant series, gets better as it goes on! Filmed in Selby and Redcar!” - John Spencer

“Reminds me of an English version of Fargo. It's great!” - Daniel Harker

“I spotted Willesden High Street - the post office and the Union flags (presumably up around the time of the coronation) around the New Inn opposite the string of houses where someone always displays weird dummies in the window.” - Claire Scollie

“Saw them filming it in Knaresborough’s Frazer theatre with Phil Daniels.” - David Beesley

“The finale was filmed in Hull Marina.” - Benny Bielstein

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