Police car stranded after unsuspecting officers parked on automatic bollards

Two unsuspecting police officers who parked their patrol car over two city centre bollards were caught unawares when they automatically raised - stranding their vehicle.

The white Peugeot 308 is seen hoisted into the air on top of two automatic bollards which had unexpectedly raised in Leeds city centre.

Street salesman Saul Webster, 23, captured footage of the incident on Friday (October 8) after hearing a 'loud bang' and a commotion near Kirkgate market in the city.

He said the officers were left baffled by the incident and walked off from the motor.

The police car was stranded due to the automatic bollards rising

He added: "I heard a loud bang but couldn't see anything because there was a police van in front of the car but when that moved, I saw the car.

"Everyone was shouting and screaming and them."

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "A police vehicle was lifted by an automatic bollard while on patrol in Kirkgate in Leeds city centre at about 2.30pm on Friday. The vehicle was recovered to be inspected for any damage."

Mr Webster uploaded the video to Facebook where it has been shared almost 7,000 times.

Beth Richards commented: “You can’t park there sir.”

Jo Bailey Taggart asked: “And who is gonna give him a ticket?”

Simon Butler added: "Good to see the Police are on top of things here in Leeds."

James Guilfoyle said: "Change the oil while it’s up there."