Watch moment 12,000-ton coal bunker at Eggborough power station is demolished with explosives

A 1960s coal bunker at Eggborough power station has been demolished as part of the redevelopment of the site.

The building, known as the Bunker Bay, was the third successive 'blowdown' project at the site following the removal of its cooling towers.

Birmingham-based demolition contractors DSM brought the 12,000-ton structure down at 10am on March 6 and filmed the collapse with a drone.

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Eggborough, which closed in 2018, is earmarked for regeneration as a mixed-use development.

The moment of explosionThe moment of explosion
The moment of explosion
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A 350m exclusion zone was erected around the plant and 50 DSM staff supervised road closures alongside North Yorkshire Police.

Heat-seeking drones were used to ensure the building was empty of life before work began.

The controlled explosion allowed the pre-weakened steel building to detach from the boiler house.

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The derelict structure just before demolitionThe derelict structure just before demolition
The derelict structure just before demolition

Residents living nearby were informed in advance of the demolition.

The former coal plant's eight cooling towers were downed in two separate operations in August and October last year.Eggborough, part of the M62 chain of power stations along with Drax and Ferrybridge, began generating electricity in 1967 and produced enough to supply Leeds and Sheffield, but by 2018 was no longer economically viable as the government began to phase out the burning of coal for energy.

One of the beneficiaries of the plant's mothballing has been the Wensleydale Railway heritage line, which has received track and ballast once used by freight trains serving the site.

In 2019, the disused land was hired by producers of Hollywood movie franchise Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, and the station, then still standing, was used to depict Ukrainian nuclear power plant Chernobyl in a number of action sequences.