'Disgraceful, dismissive and derisory' - How you reacted to Matt Hancock's interview with Kay Burley

This is how you reacted on social media after the Health and Social Care Question dismissed a question from Sky news presenter Kay Burley about delays to care reforms as 'total rubbish'.

Barbara Cunningham. I would like to know the people who think this government is still fit to run the country.

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Keith Cross. Sub standard ministers such as Matt Hancock, Gavin Williamson and Robert Jenrick epitomise the contempt in which the Conservative Party hold this country.

Matt Hancock

Jerry Dean. And yet still they keep leading in the polls. What sort of a country have we become? Keep speaking up on these lies and broken promises and the dismissive attitude that goes with them, please Yorkshire Post.

John Hughes. Total rubbish, he says. My uncle built a bungalow in the mid 50s. He served in the Royal Navy in the war, came out and helped build thousands of council houses as a brickie. In his 90s, and after losing his wife, he went into care and ended up selling his beloved bungalow to pay for that care.

Tegus MaGrah. For the sake of the NHS, we need Matt Hancock gone, but an incompetent could be replaced with a monster knowing this government.

John Brooke. Still better than Labour.

Paul O’Driscoll. They seem to be turning on one another. I suppose it will all come out in the wash eventually.

Karen Trueman-Smith. Divided they fall.

Chris Allen. They’re Tories. They literally hate the sick, the poor and the elderly. What do you expect?

@untypicalboro. He’s a human shield for the liar-in-chief.

@DoreJayne. Health and social care is in a terrible state. Until it is linked, and managed effectively with the NHS, then it will continue to fail all of us.

@dink285. Agreed. Patronising and dismissive.

@Its_WorDell. Over the past 18 months Hancock has become more arrogant, more patronising and more dismissive.

@hknormington. Hancock really doesn’t like being questioned, especially by a woman. Rarely answers questions properly, just like most of these ministers.

@MeadowcroftRob. He’s not learnt any lessons from the voters of Chehsam and Amersham. There’s a growing pushback fron Conservative voters. They’re expressing their frustration at the moment, but it will soon go a step further.

@stu_hem. Absolutely. You may also wish to point out the failure of protecting those vulnerable people from the pandemic was on his watch.

@davewvero53. And his ‘leader’ stood on steps of No 10 and said he had a social care plan ready to go. In July 2019. It wasn’t even a few notes on the back of a fag packet back then. Lying again.

@shhharonsmall. It was a disgusting response to a valid journalistic question. He’s been exposed and his MO is to attack.

@BoneMachineBrew. Looks like maybe the poorly veiled truth slipped out. Or the Cabinet is playing the game of saying/doing the nastiest possible thing before getting burned for it.

@Paul68958640. Absolutely disgraceful from Hancock.

@zbris6. They’re completely out of touch. Her questions to Hancock represented all of us.

@FayeKamsika. She asked a valid, clear question. He didn’t have an answer so he tried to belittle her. He’s a small man.

@CrimbleEthel. It’s how he talks to women.

@evo0978. They really don’t give a hoot.

@JuliaChidley. They have learnt the Johnson philosophy, ride roughshod over everyone and get away with it. 11 years of Tory government.

@McallumMick. To these tories, yes they are all just rubbish. We need to wake up and smell the coffee.

@thestingking. When you resort to glib one word, derisory responses, to a cohesive question from a professional journalist, the game is well and truly up.

@gregfreempoet. Matt Hancock does seem to react very rudely when challenged about anything.

@helencg1. He has a real problem with women.