Small business ‘trepidation’ over HS2

SMALL business leaders have voiced “trepidation” about high-speed rail in Yorkshire and said reopening a city airport in Sheffield would be a better solution.

The Federation of Small Businesses is currently leading a campaign to reopen the defunct Sheffield City Airport which is now earmarked for redevelopment.

Gordon Millward, the FSB’s regional chairman, said yesterday: “The projected HS2 journey time from London to Meadowhall is 69 minutes, but to see those benefits we must wait 20 years.

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“Anyone who remembers the commercial chaos caused in Sheffield by the construction of Supertram will view with great trepidation the prospect of a project on this scale.

“Bringing Sheffield City Airport back into use could be complete in a matter of months. We hope that councils and officials who gave such a warm welcome to HS2 will wake up to reality soon and get behind the campaign to establish a pragmatic solution to the question of South Yorkshire’s business travel conundrum.”