Snow plough crew save man found asleep on South Yorkshire road

The scene in Doncaster last nightThe scene in Doncaster last night
The scene in Doncaster last night
Members of a snow plough team making drifts during last night's adverse weather conditions saved a man they found asleep on a South Yorkshire road.

Maintenance workers Dave Hunt and Shaun Crabtree were ploughing snow drifts on the A60 Tickhill Road between Tickhill and Wadworth in Doncaster last night, when they had to quickly manoeuvre to avoid hitting a man who was laid half in the road half in the carriageway.

Senior Engineer, Paul Evans, said: "The plough narrowly missed the man’s head which would have certainly resulted in a fatality.

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"The pair parked up and walked back to the man who was in fact a sleep and not dressed for the harsh conditions he found himself in. They managed to wake him up and get him moving before reporting the incident to the office, we then reported the incident to the police and within 15 mins the man was picked up and on his way home.

"Following reports of further drifting we found the general environment of that stretch of road was pretty hostile

"Without their initial intervention and reporting of the incident I’m not sure his night would have ended being safely tucked up in bed.

Mr Hunt and Mr Crabtree have been recommended for a police commendation for their act of heroism.