Leeds Bradford Airport: Yorkshire airport issues advice for people travelling in heat and how to prepare for their flight

As temperatures continue to rise across the UK, including parts of Yorkshire, Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) has shared tips for people travelling in the hot weather.

Yorkshire’s biggest airport is still seeing long queues and flight delays as problems for travellers persist.

However, LBA assures its customers that it is in the middle of resolving the issues as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, the UK is currently facing its hottest summer ever as temperatures exceed 40C in various parts of the country.

Jet2 plane at Leeds Bradford Airport. (Pic credit: Tony Johnson)

Yorkshire has been gripped by extreme heat as Leeds is basking in 39C weather and York and Doncaster have reached 40C today (July 19).

In response to the extreme heat the region is experiencing, the Yorkshire airport has issued some tips for customers who are flying out in the heat.

A spokesperson for LBA said: “We encourage passengers to stay hydrated when travelling through the terminal but remind passengers that liquids over 100ml are prohibited when passing through security.

Passengers are able to bring an empty refillable bottle through security or purchase a bottle from one of the airport shops once security has been cleared.

“A water fountain can be found after security, on the ground floor of departures towards the smoking area. Alternatively, passengers can receive free drinking water from any of our bars and restaurants.”

The airport has also issued advice on departure day and how to prepare for your flight.

LBA urges travellers to streamline their journey and minimise time spent travelling through security.

You can do this by:

- Arriving at the airport no earlier than three hours before your flight.

- Prepare your carry-on baggage - remove all large electronic devices, carry liquids and gels less than 100ml in a one-litre zip-lock bag. Do not carry liquids over 100ml or other prohibited items in carry-on luggage.

- Empty your pockets - remove all items from pockets, remove any jackets or coats and remove any boots or high heeled shoes and put them and pocket contents through the x-ray unit.