The most reliable airlines flying out of Leeds Bradford, Doncaster Sheffield and Manchester airports

New figures have been released showing which airlines were the most reliable for the first four months of the year.

The year so far has seen lots of disruption when it comes to travel, with huge queues at airports, airlines struggling to staff flights and now train strikes causing more issues.

But new data shows the punctuality of each airline at every major airport in the country.

We've taken a look at which airline ranks best for Leeds Bradford Airport, Doncaster Sheffield Airport and, because so many of us Yorkshire folk have to schlep across the Pennines to fly from there, Manchester Airport.

Data shows the most reliable airlines flying out of Yorkshire

The data shows the number of flights that leave on time, how many were delayed and how many were cancelled, and gives a percentage.

A flight is classed as delayed if it arrives or departs 15 minutes late, and cancelled if it is called off within 24 hours of its scheduled departure.

In the interest of fairness, we've left out any airlines which flew less than 100 flights over the first four months of the year for LBA and DSA, and less than 1,000 for Manchester.

Leeds Bradford Airport

Unsurprisingly, Jet2 has the most flights operating out of LBA, with just over 2,200 in the first four months of the year.

Almost 350 of these were delayed (15 per cent) with less than one per cent cancelled, meaning it had a reliability percentage of almost 84. It was only beaten by BA CityFlyer, which operated 141 flights, which had 13 flights delayed and 10 cancelled (86 per cent).

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Ryanair flew almost 1,300 flights, and 73 per cent of its flights took off on time.

KLM was bottom with 70 per cent of its flights taking off on time, from 377 flights.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Only two airlines had more than 100 flights from Doncaster Sheffield Airport between Jan 1 and April 30 this year; TUI and Wizz Air.

Just over 83 per cent of TUI's 465 flights left on time, while around 58 per cent of Wizz Air's 746 flights left on time.

Manchester Airport

Aer Lingus was top of the charts with almost 80 per cent of its 1,547 flights taking off on time, closely followed by LoganAir with slightly less flights.

Jet2 again had a good score, with 77 per cent of their 2,734 flights taking off on schedule. Lufthansa, which had just over 1,000 flights, had similar figures.

EasyJet had more than 7,700 flights from Manchester, with an 'on-time' rate of 76.6 per cent. Ryanair had 65.5 per cent of its flights take off on time, from more than 10,000.

British Airlines surprisingly came in just below 61 per cent of punctual flights.

However, the worst performer was TUI with more flights being delayed than on time. Just 873 flight took off on time (34.8 per cent) with 1,631 being delayed (65.1 per cent). However, just two flights were cancelled.

Other major airlines, which had less than 1,000 flights, include Qatar Airways (40 per cent) Etihad Airways (45 per cent) Emirates (57 per cent) KLM (68 per cent) and Virgin Atlantic (70 per cent).