Unclaimed Leeds inheritance 'could be worth millions'

These local estates passed to the Crown after their owners died could enable long-lost relatives to claim millions in inheritance.

Records published by the Treasury have revealed that there are hundreds of estates waiting to be claimed from the government that were originally owned by people who died in Leeds.

When someone dies without making a will or with no known family, their property is passed to the Crown in a process known as 'bona vacantia'.

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Their estate can include buildings, money or personal possessions, ranging from trinkets to vast property wealth. Only estates worth over £500 are included, as these are considered solvent.

In most cases, relatives who can prove their connection to the deceased person will be able to claim, even if they aren't a spouse, child or sibling.

Great-grandchildren, aunts, uncles and cousins could all be entitled to a share.

If you notice a name on this list which you think could be a relative, contact the government's legal department by visiting https://www.gov.uk/guidance/make-a-claim-to-a-deceased-persons-estate.

You'll usually require documentation such as birth certificates and other records to make a valid claim.

The list from Leeds includes estates which have gone unclaimed since the 1980s, and also contain the names of people born in Ireland, eastern Europe and the Caribbean - providing an interesting insight into immigration patterns in the area in the 20th century.

The names are:-

Gregory Anderson, 1949-2012

Viktoria Luisa Andjelic, 1913-1995 (born in Austria)

John Arnold, 1909-2000

John Barbour, 1920-1992

Walter Barker, 1940-2010

Louisa Baty, 1899-1989

Maurice Raymond Beaumout, 1932-2006

Georg Belaj, 1918-2000 (born in Ukraine)

Nora Ava Birkett, 1930-1997

David Blair, 1945-2010

John Booth, 1945-2009

John Brown, 1920-2007

Clarette Theodora Browne, 1918-2001 (born in Anguilla)

Henryk Bryll, 1925-1999 (born in Poland)

William Burlison, 1923-2012

Timothy Burnham, 1951-2013

Roland Burton, 1941-2002

Mary Butler, 1919-2013

Nanette Dorothy Carter, 1930-1999

Keith Clarke, 1937-1999

Charles Collins, 1901- 1988 (born in Ireland)

Ida Inga Cooke, 1901-2003

Peter Crawley, died 2002

John William Curtis, 1921-2008

Withold Czepello, 1912-1993 (born in Poland)

Jan Czyz, died 2002 (born in Poland)

Dudley Emerson Daly, 1909-1988

Elsie Daude, 1928-2016

Kenneth Walter Davies, 1924-2005

Eileen Mary Davis, died 1998

Mary Devlin, 1935-2004

Grace Dickinson, 1927-2012

Nellie Dickinson, 1916-1987

Peter Anthony Donnelly, 1952-2016

Patrick Duggan, 1942-2012 (born in Ireland)

Janis Dzenis, 1928-1998 (born in Latvia)

Graham Stuart Ellis, 1931-2015

Thomas Ellis, 1933-2004 (born in Ireland)

Martin John Fiscor, 1929-1998 (born in Hungary)

Michael Anthony Fletcher, 1938-2015

Lorraine Catherine Foster, 1956-2015

May Freer, 1902-1988

Noel Patrick Galbraith, 1928-2015 (born in Ireland)

William Garnett, 1921-1995 (born in Cuba)

Dugal Gillies, 1918-1997 (born in Jamaica)

John Gilmore, 1943-2011 (born in Ireland)

Bernard Gilroy, 1931-2000

Rachel Goodwin, 1932-2015

Margaret Emma Grant, 1913-2007

Thomas Greenwood, 1999

John Lawrence Habshaw, 1938-2011

Norman Peter Hainsworth, 1926-2011

Kathleen Haley, 1901-1990

Philip Hall, 1948-1999

Frank Ernest Hammond, 1926-1999

Margaret Hanney, 1924-2013

Graham Harris, 1948-2017

Gwendolyn Hart, 1917-2013 (born in West Indies)

Sarah Hartley, died 1997

Ethel Henderson, 1925-2011

Peter Clarke Higgins, 1927-2005

Harold Hinchcliffe, 1920-2006

Elsie Hodgson, 1897-1987

Ronald Howard, died 1997

Irene Hudson, 1924-2001

Nathan Isaacs, 1907-1999

Charles Stanley Jackson, 1928-1990 (born in Poland)

John Michael Jackson, 1931-2015

Marie Jackson-Ward, 1969-2015

Peter James, 1934-1998

Harry Lewis Jones, 1920-1991

Henry Jones, 1944-2012 (born in South Africa)

Mary Jones, 1917-2008 (born in Ireland)

Owen Jones, 1929-2001

Terence Jones, 1939-2003

Antanas Karklinis, 1917-1997 (born in Lithuania)

Melvyn Katchanofski, 1944-2017

Bernard Kelly, 1908-1993

Hannah Kelly, 1920-1991

Richard Kowcza, 1947-2017

Leona Alvarez Kruger, 1926-2012 (born in Spain)

Algidas Kutkevicius, 1927-1999 (born in Lithuania)

Joseph Lambert, 1906-1996

Edward Martin Landy, 1930-2013 (born in Ireland)

Geoffrey Lee, 1947-2017

Neville Roy Lewis, 1936-1998 (born in West Indies)

Charles Lonsborough, 1913-1996

James Jack Love, 1940-1997

Edward Joseph Lyons, 1931-2017 (born in Ireland)

Ronald Mackie, died 1993

Anthony Mann, 1935-2014

Peter Mansfield, 1939-2015

Evelyn Mawn, 1901-1992

James McAleece, 1920-1994

Ian McAskill, 1922-2000

John McBride, 1935-1999

Stephen Gerald McDaid, 1929-1994

John McKenzie, 1914-1988

William McLaren, 1921-2010

Charles McLeish, 1918-1992 (born in Ireland)

Robert McQue, 1909-1922

James Patrick McVeigh, 1926-2002

Margaret Metcalf, 1897-1990

John Millward, 1927-2007

Maria Miskiw, 1920-2005 (born in Ukraine)

James Montana, 1957-2015

Peter Moore, 1931-2010

Raymond Alfred Morris, 1928-2004

Alan Alexander Morton, 1946-2013 (born in Germany)

Patrick Murphy, 1933-2009 (born in Ireland)

James Alexander Murray, 1936-2016 (born in Ireland)

John Murray, died 2004

Wladyslaw Niznik, 1913-1989 (born in Poland)

Ian Trevor Nowell, 1947-2017

Patrick O’Brien, 1946-2005

John O’Grady, 1921-2005

John Emanuel O’Hosi, 1925-2007 (born in Nigeria)

Grethe Kathe Oldridge, died 1994

Anthony O’Shea, 1944-2005 (born in Ireland)

John O’Sullivan, 1929-2008 (born in Ireland)

John Patrick O’Sullivan, 1920-2003 (born in Ireland)

John Christopher Pearson, 1926-1992

Lionel Perkins, 1948-2015

Patricia Perry, 1942-2017

Robert Pinnock, died 2003

Mary Pylypenko, died 1995

Benedictus Raguaskas, 1918-1987

Eva Ratcliffe, died 1998

Jaan Raudsepp, 1906-1998 (born in Estonia)

Denis Rhodes, 1931-2011

Stephen Charles Robinson, died 2008

Joe Rooney, 1932-1999 (born in Ireland)

John Routledge, died 1995

Alice Sadler, 1899-1994

Elmenia Samuel, 1915-2009 (born in St Kitts)

Ronald Slater Sheriden, died 1994

Surjit Kumar Singh, 1952-2004

Agnes Smith, 1921-2010

Alec John Smith, 1901-1991

Bartley James Smith, 1892-1991

Charles Smith, 1920-1999

Elizabeth Smith, 1913-2006

Harry Smith, died 1994

Mabel Stansfield, died 1997

Alice Maud Stanton, 1899-1992

Oswald Stewart, died 1998 (born in West Indies)

Marie Anne Svetovio, 1955-1993

Edna Sykes, died 2000

Esther Tallant, 1913-1995

Brenda Taylor, 1945-2010

Edna Walsh Taylor, 1922-1993

Eileen Taylor, 1916-1999

Irene Taylor, 1924-2013

Pearl Stafford Taylor, 1922-2006

Violet Teagle, 1902-1988

Catherine Thackwray, 1923-2014

Emma Thomas, 1916-2008

Robert Thompson, 1919-1989

William Thompson, 1927-2002

John Todd, 1909-1999

George Turner, 1911-1988

William Turner, 1920-1991

Sevasti Catherine Voulgaris, died 2000

Luka Vukotic, died 1995 (born in Yugoslavia)

Doreen Walker, died 1998

Luke Whelan, 1933-1998 (born in Ireland)

Irene Wilcox, died 1994

Denis Albert Wilkes, 1926-2016

Richard Wilkinson, 1929-2015

Michael Anthony Williams, 1944-2002

Reginald Williams, 1905-1988

Richard Winfield, 1953-2014

Martin Winkler, 1923-2011

Jenny Sarah Jane Winter, 1920-2012

Dennis Wood, 1926-1998

James Clark Wood, 1920-1999

Frank Wright, 1915-1991

Michael Albert Wright, 1934-1989

Salihu Ajadi Yusuff, 1947-2017 (born in Nigeria)

Joseph Zlobicki, 1927-2001 (born in Ukraine)