Updated: M1 closed south-bound after lorry fire

Emergency services are tonight at the scene of a lorry fire which has led to a closure of the M1 south-bound.

Tonight's blaze on the M1

A high-sided articulated truck was seen blazing away earlier on the M1 before the services at Woolley Edge.

It left a burned out shell.

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Earlier it was down to one lane but a motorist told The Yorkshire Post at 10.30pm there was now a massive queue and traffic was being siphoned off the motorway at junction 38.

He said: "All the overhead signs are saying the M1 is closed at junction 38.

"There's massive delays, just crawling traffic and lots of lorries. It is total chaos."

A driver, who has just passed the scene earlier, said: "There were at least three fire engines and three or four police cars before the services.

"It was a really fierce blaze."