Beast 2.0: Top tips for staying warm in the cold weather

With England about to see the return of the 'Beast from the East' , the bitterly cold weather is set to return and so does the need to stay as warm as possible.

Wearing a hat and taking a hot drink with you can help during the cold weather
Wearing a hat and taking a hot drink with you can help during the cold weather

The forecast of another cold blast might again make it difficult to stay warm both inside and outside of the house. Both you and your pets may be struggling to stay warm during this cold spell, but there are plenty of things you can do to help stay warm.

Guide for keeping yourself warm outside of the house:

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Wear a hat

There are certain ways you can keep animals warm in the cold weather

Certain types of clothing can really make a difference when trying to stay warm. Although it's usually debated whether or not you actually lose heat through your head, wearing a hat does really make a difference when you're outside in the cold weather. Wearing a hat indoors is also useful if your house is cold and you're struggling to keep warm.

Hand and feet warmers

Hand and feet warmers are also nifty little tools to keep you warm outside and secreting them around your clothing, such as in the lining of coats and pockets or placing them on the cuffs of your wrists, are useful ways to keep your body warm.

They may also prove useful if you require batteries which may lose power due to cold weather. Placing hand warmers in your pocket alongside camera batteries can help to keep them alive during the cold weather.

Layering your blankets can also help you to stay warm

Wear layers and thermal clothing

Thermal clothing and layering up also aids in keeping your body warm, especially if you're commuting into work and will need to take layers off when you arrive. Thermal clothing is made of material which add a levels of insulation between your body and the garment itself, and retains warmth produced by the body. Now that you can get pretty much any item of clothing in thermal wear, there's plenty of options to keep you warm.

Hot drinks

Carrying a hot beverage in a flask is a useful way of keeping warm, especially if walking to work or to the local train or bus station. It also serves to pack one in your car if heading on a long journey or if your journey is expected to be disrupted.

There are certain ways you can keep animals warm in the cold weather

Guide for keeping yourself warm inside of the house:

Staying warm inside the house can also prove difficult if it's extremely cold outside, but following a few useful tips can ensure you stay warm.

Hot water bottles

This time old classic is a nifty way of staying warm and placing it underneath your feet as you sleep not only warms your bed, but your whole body.

Layering your blankets can also help you to stay warm

Layer your blankets

By placing your thicker, fluffier blankets the closest to your body and putting the thinner sheets or blankets towards the top, this not only keeps your body warm but is the best way to reduce heat loss.

Switch your shower between hot and cold

Hot water allows you to heat up your body quickly, but cold water improves the blood circulation between your skin and organs, so alternating between the two ensures your body stays as warm as possible.

Turn your ceiling fan on

This may sound slightly odd, but because warm air rises, if you turn the fan on at its lowest setting this pushes the warm air back down, hence keeping you warm.

Guide for keeping your animals warm in the cold weather:

Animals may struggle to keep warm when the weather is cold, but following a few simple steps can ensure they stay safe. Bringing and keeping your pets indoors if possible ensures they stay warm during cold days and nights. If the weather is too cold for you then chances are it's too cold for them too.

Increasing their food intake also helps as animals burn more calories trying to keep warm. If your pet drinks from any outdoor water sources, make sure these are not frozen and provide an alternative source of water inside if possible.

Try and plan ahead and take your dog outside at the highest temperature and when there are lower levels of traffic.

For cats, make sure there are no areas that they may get trapped, such as sheds or garages and check under the bonnet of your car before starting it, as in extremely cold weather cats may hide under the engine for warmth.