Storm Gladys: How to protect your car from severe stormy weather according to an expert

In the wake of Storm Franklin and with warnings of Storm Gladys sweeping the nation, an expert has shared his thoughts on how to protect your car from treacherous stormy weather.

Car maintenance expert at Collect Service Go, Ollie Green, reveals his top eight tips to protect your vehicle from a storm.

1 - Park your car in a closed space, eg. a garage

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This will keep your vehicle protected from debris, strong winds, hail and water damage, Mr Green said, and make sure to check for any gaps where water could leak in and flood your car.

Here are tips to protect your car during a storm. (Pic credit: Kelvin Stuttard)

If you don’t have a garage, move your car to higher ground to avoid flood damage, or if possible, park it against the side of your house to provide some protection from the wind.

2 - Place and weigh down a heavy blanket over your car

This is a simple way to help protect your car from a myriad of potential objects a storm could throw at it, especially hailstones and tree branches.

3 - Buy and cover your car with a tight-fitting car cover (if possible)

This will help to protect your car from flying debris damage.

4 - Avoid parking under trees and power lines, or in low-lying areas

This will shield your vehicle from debris damage on a both small and large scale as well as flash flood damage

5 - Inspect the area around your home

Check for potential hazards such as loose tiles and TV antennae that could fall off and damage your car in strong winds.

6 - Fill up on petrol

Do this to avoid long lines and possible petrol/diesel shortages.

7 - Keep emergency supplies in your vehicle

It’s always smart to be prepared in case of an emergency and that means keeping equipment such as jump leads, a tire repair kit, a torch, a shovel and traction mats in your car.

Each of these tools can prove useful if you are stuck in the car during a storm.

8 - Avoid driving on coastal or low-lying roads

Flooding is more common in areas such as these and driving on flooded roads can damage your engine.