What is an ‘extreme heat’ warning according to the Met Office? Weather warnings issued for Yorkshire as temperatures set to reach 32 degrees

The Met Office has issued an ‘extreme heat’ warning for Yorkshire as temperatures are set to soar to 32 degrees - but what is an ‘extreme heat’ warning?

The amber warning for extreme heat has been issued for Sunday, July 17 and the weather news service has said that temperatures could reach 35 degrees in the south, while areas including Yorkshire and Humber can see temperatures of up to 32 degrees.

So, what is an Amber Extreme Heat warning? Here is everything you need to know.

What is an extreme heat warning?

A woman enjoying the glorious weather. (Pic credit: James Hardisty)

The warning highlights the likely adverse health effects for the public that could lead to potential serious illnesses or danger to life, not just limited to those who are most vulnerable to extreme heat.

Whilst the idea of a heatwave sounds perfect for a day out with your family and friends, it doesn’t come without its dangers. The Met Office urges the public to make sure they approach the next week with care and caution and to remember that certain groups of people are more vulnerable than others to heat.

Hot weather causes strain on the heart and lungs and for that reason most serious illnesses and deaths caused by heat are respiratory or cardiovascular. Older people, people who have pre-existing health conditions and young children are at higher risk.

Extreme heat doesn’t only affect humans but also can place a strain on water and energy utilities, road and rail transport and the health and fire services too, according to the Met Office.

So, these weather warnings are crucial to alert the public of the severe potential risks that come with extreme heat conditions.