83% of readers think schools should not reopen on 1 June – see the full results of our poll

On Friday 15 May, we asked readers from across the JPIMedia group whether they believed schools should reopen on 1 June, in line with the Government's plans for easing the country out of lockdown.

Nearly 4,500 people responded to our poll, with 83% of readers feeling that opening schools by next week was premature.

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Just 13 per cent of respondents said they would feel OK about schools opening by 1 June.

Breakdown of poll

Number of votes: 4,494

Number of respondents who thought schools should not reopen on 1 June: 3,685

Number of respondents who thought schools should reopen on 1 June: 584

Number of respondents who answered 'Not sure': 180

Public feel that school reopenings should be delayed

Since the Prime Minister's announcement that the Goverment was looking to reopen schools on 1 June, public opinion on the matter seems to be firmly against his plans.

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Teachers have said it will not be possible to fit 15 children in each classroom, as per government guidance, and teaching unions have warned the plans are "not safe" for pupils or teachers.

Council leaders said schools should be allowed to make their own decisions about reopening - especially in areas where there is a higher proportion of black, Asian and minority ethnic residents.

Schools have been closed to all but the children of essential workers since the end of March to help guard against the coronavirus pandemic, but Johnson has pinpointed 1 June as the earliest possible date for their reopening.

That road map only applies in England for now.

Wales' Education Minister Kirsty Williams has said Welsh schools will not reopen on 1 June, and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Surgeon has announced schools will open in August, following the summer holidays there.