Pret a Manger to launch £20 monthly subscription allowing customers 5 coffees per day - here’s how it works

Pret a Manger is soon set to offer a monthly subscription service, enabling coffee fans to get their daily caffeine fix (Photo: Shutterstock)

Pret a Manger is soon set to offer a monthly subscription service, enabling coffee fans to get their daily caffeine fix.

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The chain will offer up to five coffees a day to customers who sign up to the service, and hopes to make up for business lost during the lockdown period.

Monthly subscription service

The monthly subscription service has a price tag of £20, and is aimed at enticing more customers to Pret as city centre coffee shops remain quiet, with many office workers continuing to work from home.

But city centres, saturated with coffee shops, remain relatively deserted as many office workers continue to work from home.

Pret boss Pano Christou told the BBC's Today programme: "There's no doubt that workers will come into the office less often than beforehand. Pret needs to adapt itself to the changes of customer patterns and that's where we've been very focused."

The chain will launch the YourPret Barista on Tuesday 8 September, as part of its new digital strategy, and hopes to encourage customers to see the coffee and sandwich shops and their default choice.

Any ‘barista prepared’ drink

The fixed monthly fee will allow customers to select any "barista prepared" drink, ranging from lattes to smoothies to frappes, using their phone to access the subscription.

Customers are able to receive one of these drinks up to five times a day, seven days a week, which would work out as 13p for each beverage if customers make use of every free drink they’re entitled to.

However, in order to prevent misuse of the service, each drink must be collected 30 minutes apart.

This monthly subscription service then allows Pret to offer a range of other services via its new digital platform, which will enable the chain to engage with customers on a more personal level.

Pret said it had a number of other innovations currently in the works, including extending its evening meal offer and deliveries.

In regards to the new monthly subscription service, Briony Raven, Pret's director of coffee and packaging, said: "It's Pret's way of doing loyalty."

"It's about giving people an easy choice, when they come back into their everyday routine."