Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford supports protests against ESL

LEEDS UNITED top-scorer Patrick Bamford has spoken of his shock and sadness - from a player's perspective - at the revelation that six of England's leading clubs are to join a renegade European Super League.

Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford.
Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford.

Hundreds of supporters gathered outside Elland Road ahead of United's home game with Liverpool on Monday night to demonstrate in no uncertain against the proposed league, which threatens the well-being of domestic football in this country.

An aeroplane displaying the message ‘Say No to Super League’ flew over the stadium ahead of the game.

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Liverpool are one of ‘the big six’ English clubs who have signed up to the new league, which has provoked mass outrage across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Backing proposals against the breakaway faction, Bamford said: "We’re like fans, really, and everyone else can’t believe it, we’re in shock.

"For me, personally, from Twitter and the news, I haven’t seen one football fan who’s happy about the decision. I think football ultimately is for and because of the fans.

"Without fans, every club would be pretty much nothing. I think it’s important we stand our ground and show that football is for the fans and try to keep it that way."

“We’ve just seen pretty much what everyone else has seen on Twitter and stuff. It’s amazing the things that they’re talking about, I can’t quite comprehend it, it’s amazing the amount of uproar that comes into the game when some of these pockets are being hurt.

"So, it’s a shame it’s not like that with all the things that go wrong at the minute with racism and stuff like that."

Voicing his own opposition, Liverpool's Leeds-born acting captain James Milner added: “There is a lot of questions.

“I can only say my personal opinion, I don’t like it and hopefully it doesn’t happen. I can only imagine what has been said about it and I probably agree with most of it."