The Yorkshire Vet: Noisiest patient ever for Julian Norton as pig brought in for castration

The latest episode of The Yorkshire Vet sees Julian Norton welcome his noisiest ever patient.

'Pigley Scott' is brought into Julian's new practice at Sandbeck Veterinary Centre in Wetherby by his owner Joy because he is getting too amorous with her dogs.

The only way to calm him down is to have him castrated and as Julian points out in the show, they tend to squeal a lot when things aren't going their way - and even more when they're about to be castrated.

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In all the commotion, Julian accidentally injects himself with local anesethic leaving him with a numb thumb.

Joy Scott with her pet pig Pigley Scott

He says: "Pigs get very noisy when things don’t go their way and Pigley is very wriggly which makes it very difficult for Lucy. I’m worried about what the patients in the waiting room are thinking.”

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Pigley was rescued by Joy after he was dumped at a pet shop, and he lives in the house with her along with her dogs she rescued from China.

She says: "He is amazing. He gets on so well with the dogs, the horses and my granddaughter. He sleeps in a bed by the Aga with my dog. He’s brought so much joy to my life. He’s my favourite boy in the world.”

Pigley Scott

Also in tonight’s show, vets Matt Smith and David Melleney head to a local farm where it looks like a pregnant cow requires an emergency C-section.

Later, when a German shorthaired Pointer requires surgery, his owner is beside himself with worry and vet Peter Wright sees some goats named after the famous Flower Pot Men - Bill and Ben.

The Yorkshire Vet is on Channel 5 tonight at 8pm.