Mansfield Pollard says its units can kill coronavirus and offer clean air

Manufacturer Mansfield Pollard is launching a range of sterilisation units which can destroy airborne bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, ensuring "ultra clean air" in healthcare, business, school and retail environments.

Mansfield Pollards co-owner and managing director Lou Frankland and co-owner and operations director Bryan Bentley
Mansfield Pollards co-owner and managing director Lou Frankland and co-owner and operations director Bryan Bentley

The Bradford-based firm said the units have been independently tested at the University of Bradford, the University of Leeds and with Public Health England.

Mansfield Pollard said its UV air sterilisation technology has the potential to support the UK economic recovery by creating safer working environments through ultra clean air.

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The firm is producing stand alone mobile, ceiling and duct mounted UV (ultra-violet) air sterilisation units under the brandname UVent, which removes airborne pathogens through ultraviolet germ irradiation.

Managing director Lou Frankland said: “This technology has been proven to destroy bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, bringing huge benefits for the healthcare

sector, which is initially our primary focus.

"Because of their flexibility and mobility, the UV air sterilisation units have the potential to be introduced within a range of working, educational and leisure environments.

"With this in mind, we are ready to quickly and safely upscale our production to satisfy the demand we expect to see.”

Employing 152 staff, the team has been working in split shifts of a maximum 75 people at one time on the 125,000 sq ft production facility. The senior leadership team has invested in social distancing measures including signage on the shop floor alongside hand sanitisation and PPE stations as part of its coronavirus response, which will facilitate a steady and safeincrease in production as demand grows.

Mansfield Pollard was founded in Bradford in 1866 as a sheet metal fabrication specialist which served the then thriving woollen trade. Over 150 years the company has evolved and today designs, manufactures and supplies innovative air management and acoustic solutions.

Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw, portfolio holder for regeneration, planning and transport for Bradford Council, said: “Mansfield Pollard is a true Bradford success story which has shown resilience and diversification for more than 150 years.

"This established, local firm is a shining example of some of the incredible businesses who are speaking out through our#TogetherBradfordCan campaign and showcasing the expertise, the resolve and the speed of working that will get this district and the wider region operating again.”

Ms Frankland said: “We are once again delighted to showcase Bradford’s manufacturing might on the local and national stage and proud of being part of the #TogetherBradfordCan movement that is helping the northern economy re-open, rebuild and re-emerge even stronger.”