Helen Skelton helps save the life of a newborn lamb at Cannon Hall Farm

This is the dramatic moment Springtime on the Farm presenter Helen Skelton helped save the life of a newborn lamb as it endured a difficult birth at a Yorkshire farm.

The 37-year-old, who is married to Leeds Rhinos' Richie Meyler, was at Cannon Hall Farm, near Barnsley, in the opening scenes of Monday's episode of Springtime on the Farm, unsure as to whether the lamb would survive.

“Jules (Hudson) and I are at Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire where lambs are literally being born around us," she said, as she helped the ewe to give birth.

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A tense moment followed as the newborn lamb did not initially respond to farmer Ruth, who massaged the animal and cleared its airways before it began to show signs of life.

Helen Skelton helped to save the life of a newborn lamb.

Farmer Ruth explained that the birth was "hard" due to the lamb's tongue swelling up and becoming stuck.

Once the lamb was placed in front of its mother and was recovering, Helen said: “I wish I could hug you, that was a moment.”

Alongside presenters Adam Henson, Helen Skelton, and Jules Hudson, the series stars farmers from across the country, as well as brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson, at base camp Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire.

Stars from The Yorkshire Vet will also be appearing, as Peter Wright visits one of the only farmers in the country who breeds Angora rabbits for their fibre and Julian Norton pays a trip to a pygmy goat breeder whose animals are about to give birth.

Over the four-night run, three finalists of the annual Young Farmer of the Year award will also be featured.

The series also introduces the teenage champion shepherdess who’s about to take over the family farm, an aspiring Rugby Union player who’s also a dab hand when it comes to lambing, and a farmer from Dartmoor who rounds up his livestock – cowboy style.

Springtime on the Farm is on until Thursday at 8pm on Channel 5.