Leeds not-for-profit launches search for top primary school breakdancer

The hunt is on to find Britain’s best primary school breakdancer.

Rethink Food, a not-for-profit digital education organisation, has joined forces with breakin (breakdancing) starlet Amelie Burch, aka B-girl Ammo from the Clean North breakin crew, to launch the Great British Break-Off.

The first national competition to find Britain’s best primary school breakdancer, the Great British Break-Off is calling on children between the ages of 4 – 11 to showcase their best breakin skills and demonstrate their unique rhythm, creativity and passion for movement by entering the online competition.

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Tying in with Breakin becoming an Olympic sport for the first time ever this summer, the Rethink Food competition will promote physical activity and encourage children to think about what it means to have a balance diet, body and mind. Plus, the winning dancer(s) will receive a special prize, and their school will win £500.

B-Girl Amelia Burch,  aka B-girl Ammo from the Clean North breakin crewB-Girl Amelia Burch,  aka B-girl Ammo from the Clean North breakin crew
B-Girl Amelia Burch, aka B-girl Ammo from the Clean North breakin crew

Nathan Atkinson, co-founder of Rethink Food, says: "At Rethink Food, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our first ever search for Britain's best primary school break dancers. With breakdancing making its Olympic debut at the 2024 Paris Games, we want every child to experience the excitement and benefits of this dynamic sport.

“We hope the competition will inspire and empower young dancers to express themselves through the inclusive and vibrant art of breakdancing. And remember, it's not just about the moves; being a successful breaker is about fostering a balanced diet, body and mind. We can’t wait to watch all the entries and celebrate finding the breakers of tomorrow!"

As well as supporting the launch of Rethink Food’s breakin competition, 17-year-old Amelie is busy preparing for her debut at the World Kidz Breakin Championship later this month having secured a wildcard entry while performing at an event in Houston.

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Amelia Burch says: "Breakin can be a very high intensity activity- targeting flexibility, power, speed and stamina. It allows people to be as creative as they want, introduces B-boys and B-girls to the culture, community, and lifestyle of hip-hop while maintaining a healthy body and mind. It’s awesome to be part of the team and I hope the competition encourages more children to get involved and have a go!”

Children up and down the country are encouraged to get all their class mates involved and enter via their primary school. Schools should log onto the Rethink Food website where they can register for the competition, where they’ll find interactive learning resources and instructional videos from Amelia with guides to some of the key moves for children to learn.

Schools are required to record a short video (up to one minute) of the children performing (solo or in groups), entries are open until 27 June and the winner will be announced on 8 July.

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