South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service release list of high-rise residential buildings to be inspected for fire safety

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has released a list of all high-rise residential buildings to be inspected for fire safety, following an internal review.

A list of high-rise residential buildings to be inspected for fire safety has been released
A list of high-rise residential buildings to be inspected for fire safety has been released

The service is undertaking a ‘Building Risk Review’ project, inspecting all high-rise residential buildings to ensure they comply with fore safety regulations.

The list includes buildings identified by central government plus extra buildings identified by SYFRS- which made the decision to include all buildings of six storeys and over.

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SYFRS say the buildings are on the list because of their height- not because they are automatically deemed unsafe.

From an original list of around 300 buildings, the service say there are now less than 70 left for them to inspect.

Simon Dunker, area manage for SYFRS said: “It’s really important for residents to understand that this list does not mean that those buildings are inherently unsafe- just that we want to ensure we have accurate, up-to-date information on these buildings and are able to provide this information to government. .

“Like all fire and rescue services, the government issued us with a list of high rise residential buildings for which they have requested further information on. Having cross referenced this list with our own local information, the list of buildings we are inspecting as part of this work has grown to beyond those which are simply over 18 metres high. This is because we want to be really clear about what is and isn’t in scope and be as thorough as we can possibly be.

“We have invested in a dedicated inspection team to complete this work and intend to complete it as quickly and as thoroughly as we can, to ensure the ongoing safety of residents in South Yorkshire. We are well on course to have completed this work before the end of December 2021.”

“We hope this work will provide reassurance to residents in the wake of the initial findings of the Grenfell inquiry and illustrates resident safety remains our priority. Where we identify an issue with a building, we will then work with building owners and managers to ensure any necessary work is carried out.”

The decision to overturn the refusal of a freedom of information request made by the local democracy reporting service means that the buildings on the inspection list have been released to the public for the first time.

The FOI request asked the service to disclose the names of the buildings in South Yorkshire which are on the list, after a report revealed that 309 buildings in South Yorkshire needed to be inspected, as of April 2021.

The service refused the request as the “disclosure would or would be likely to have a detrimental effect on the physical or mental health of any individual, or the safety of any individual.”

An internal review, however, stated that the service no longer takes this stance, and has released the information.

These are the buildings yet to be inspected:

The Fulcrum

Uninn Student Accommodation

The Trigon Block C

The Trigon Block A

Clifton Block

Rialto Block

1 Napier Street

Trigon / Derwent Block B

Block D – The Cube

Ashton Point

Fargate Court

The Gate

City Towers Apartments

Bamford Point

Cornish Steel Works

Forge House

Telegraph House

Speedwell Works – Alsop Fields

Pinstone Chambers

Dun Works

The Grannary

The Grannary and Concierge

Challenge works Flats

Block A St Vincents

Block B St Vincents

Block C St Vincents

Block D St Vincents

Block E St Vincents

112-116 Ecclesall Road

Sportsman Apartments

Flats above retail George Street / High Street

Prop 1 Comercial Unit/ 46 Apartments


Woodville Hall of Residence

Derwent Apartments – Block A

Derwent Apartments – Block B-C

Derwent Apartments – Block D-E

Derwent Apartments – Block F-G

Wimberry Apartments – Blocks A&B, C&D, E&F, G&H

Windgather Apartments – Blocks A & B

Windgather Apartments – Blocks C & D

Windgather Apartments – Blocks E & F

Windgather Apartments – Blocks G & H

Kinder Apartments – Block A & B

Kinder Apartments – Block C & D

Kinder Apartments – Block E & F

Kinder Apartments – Block G & H

Graham Point

Land at Kelham Island

Hoyle Street

Bessemer House

Porter brook House

Cask House

Shire House

Portland Towers

I Quarter / Crucible Stack

Millau Block

The Fitzgerald

Whitecroft Works

**Steel City Phase 3 Hollis Croft

**41 Castle Square

**Fusion Students Block A & Block B (17 storey & 10 storey)

**Proposed 268 residential apartments Nursery Street

**Block D

**Spectrum Apartments

*** iQ Steel

** Premises under construction due to be complete before the end of 2021

*** Premises currently closed

Danielle Andrews , Local Democracy Reporting Service