Brave tot’s call rescued unconscious mother

A QUICK-THINKING toddler called for help using her mother’s mobile phone and let emergency services in, after finding her passed out at home.

Two-year-old Kyla Nelson quickly dialled for help when she found her mother Kathryne unconscious at home in Seacroft, Leeds on Wednesday at around 2pm.

After calling her auntie on her mother’s BlackBerry mobile phone, Kyla calmly fed and looked after her hysterical seven-month-old brother Karson for 20 minutes, while emergency services were alerted before letting them in when they arrived.

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Full-time mum Kathryne, who had complained of headaches and chest pains, was rushed to St James’s Hospital where it was found that she had passed out due to high blood pressure and low blood sugar.

The 20-year-old said: “I’m very proud of her, I always used to moan at her for using my phone but I’m glad now she knows how to use it.

“She was so brave – to know how to do it and to look after her brother as well is amazing.”

Kathryne said that all she remembers is picking Kyla up from nursery and getting home feeling unwell. She woke up hooked to a heart monitor and surrounded by ambulance staff.

Kyla had gone through her mother’s previous calls, first calling a dentist and then a taxi in a bid to get help.

Kathryne added: “If it wasn’t for her phoning my sister who knows what might have happened?”