How the Remainers are gripped by fear and panic as Boris Johnson stands his ground on Brexit – Bill Carmichael

Luxembourg's premier Xavier Bettel went ahead with a press conference on Monday without Boris Johnson.
Luxembourg's premier Xavier Bettel went ahead with a press conference on Monday without Boris Johnson.
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AS the Brexit finishing line comes into view, the EU mask is beginning to slip to reveal the true unpleasant nature of the Euro fanatics.

First up was the Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel, a man I’ve never heard of before this week and would be perfectly happy never to hear of again.

Boris Johnson met EU leaders in Luxembourg on Monday.

Boris Johnson met EU leaders in Luxembourg on Monday.

Incidentally, Luxembourg is a very curious country. Despite being one of the richest nations in Europe, it still manages to be a net recipient of EU funds, which are supposed to be funnelled to poorer countries in the south and east.

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And under a previous Prime Minster – one Jean-Claude Juncker – Luxembourg turned itself into a safe refuge for rich and corrupt tax dodgers.

So nothing at all suspicious to worry about there!

new Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson wants to revoke Article 50 and scrap Brexit.

new Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson wants to revoke Article 50 and scrap Brexit.

Remainers’ antics have made me back no deal Brexit: Bill Carmichael

Anyway, Mr Bettel put away his begging bowl for long enough to deliver a calculated snub to the British people by deliberately insulting our Prime Minister.

He set up a joint press conference with Boris Johnson in front of a baying anti-British mob. When the British delegation asked if it could be moved to somewhere quieter, Bettel refused and instead delivered an unhinged tirade against the UK next to the empty podium where our Prime Minister was supposed to stand.

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But as I watched this foam flecked rant, something struck me quite forcibly. It wasn’t anger in his eyes, but fear and panic. It is gradually dawning on the EU elite that the British are serious about regaining our liberty and as a result their cosy little gravy train is about to crash into the buffers. Oh dear, how sad, never mind!

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I suppose if you are the leader of a country so insignificant as Luxembourg, you have to grab your only chance of five minutes of fame, but Mr Bettel can now slink off to a life of well-deserved obscurity.

A second speech this week – this time from the Belgian MEP and federalist zealot Guy Verhofstadt at the Liberal Democratic conference – was even more revealing.

Mr Verhofstadt made it crystal clear that the EU has ambitions to become a European Empire that will be in perpetual conflict with other world “empires” such as the United States, China and India.

I was reminded of George Orwell’s book 1984, where the people are kept docile and obedient by a perpetual war engineered between Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia.

And perhaps someone could inform Mr Verhofstadt that the last time the Belgians tried to run an empire it resulted in the murder, torture and mutilation of millions of innocent people in the Congo. Positively the last thing we need is a return to the Age of Empires.

But the new imperialists of the Liberal Democrats certainly liked the idea, and they almost wet themselves in adulation of Verhofstadt as they cheered him to the rafters.

At least the choice is becoming clearer. We can either be compliant subjects in a colonial outpost of a protectionist European Empire that promotes conflict around the world, or we can choose to be active citizens of a newly independent and free country that seeks friendly relations and trade across the globe.

The Lib Dems are not known for their consistency. Infamously, they were in favour of scrapping student tuition fees before promptly tripling them.

They were in favour of an in-out EU referendum, until the vote went against them, when they decided it was a terrible idea.

Then they wanted a second referendum, but their leader Jo Swinson made it clear they would not accept the result if it went against them.

Now she plans to deny voters any say at all and wants MPs to simply cancel Brexit, as though the biggest vote in our history had never really happened. Fat chance!

Meanwhile over at the comedy turn that used to be the British Labour Party things have reached new heights of hilarity. Jeremy Corbyn now says as Prime Minister he would negotiate a new Brexit deal with the EU, but he can’t decide whether to recommend this to the British people, so will remain neutral.

Isn’t it strange that Corbyn has no problem taking sides with the IRA, Hamas and Hezbollah, but when it comes to a key decision on the future of our country he just can’t quite make up his mind?

One day the people will have their say. They can’t deny us a general election forever. I, for one, can’t wait.