Boris Johnson must grasp Nigel Farage’s election pact offer to avoid Jeremy Corbyn’s motley Marxist crew running the country: Yorkshire Post Letters

Should Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage form an electoral pact?
Should Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage form an electoral pact?
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From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

Anyone thinking about voting Labour seriously needs to examine each member of the shadow cabinet. Can anyone with the slightest semblance of sanity see this motley Marxist crew running this country?

The very fabric of the British constitution will be destroyed.

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While these people get richer, the majority get poorer, as can be seen in all Marxist/Communist countries.

However, I also have very grave doubts about Boris Johnson’s deal. Reading through, this is not a deal for Britain, more another treaty in favour of the EU. No deal certainly needs to be left on the table in any future negotiations.

John Mann is wrong to claim Jeremy Corbyn is destroying Labour: Yorkshire Post Letters
The pact offered by Nigel Farage to the Conservatives should be grasped with both hands to avoid the scenario of Britain being shut down by Corbyn and company.

From: Alan Chapman, Beck Lane, Bingley.

On the morning after the December General Election had been agreed, Jeremy Corbyn stood before the BBC cameras uttering a cacophony of condemnation about the state of the country under the yoke of poverty, desperation, hardship, unfairness, etc.

As his diatribe carried on at length, it occurred to me if Corbyn was correct, why do foreign people in far-off lands scrape together £30,000 which they cannot afford in order to send their children on a very risky journey to illegally enter our terrible UK?

Could Mr Corbyn be uttering mistruths to his gang of young inexperienced vulnerable supporters? Marxist propaganda comes to mind!

From: David Algar, Yeadon, Leeds.

The recent appeal by the Archbishop of Canterbury for moderation in political debate seems to have been overlooked by Boris Johnson.

To compare Stalin’s executions and forced deportations of the Kulak community with Jeremy Corbyn’s perceived attitude towards wealth creators is totally unacceptable.