Too much legislation and not enough common sense

From: David Collins, Scissett, West Yorkshire.

I REFER to the letter from Michael J Robinson (The Yorkshire Post, June 9) where it was asserted that the Lib Dems were to blame for the failure to legislate.

Hooray. Much too much legislation is passed which is meaningless because no one understands it and no one is employed to enforce it. They had to close Parliament early because there wasn’t anything to vote on. Good. Perhaps three weeks a year would be enough to pass all the worthwhile legislation. However there is an alternative. It’s called debating. If members sat in Parliament and discussed the merits of legislation on a non-partisan basis, then we might get somewhere. At the moment, policy is set by unelected back room boys and girls, and then read out by politicians as long as it sounds good. As far as debate goes, we have the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions. Need I say anymore about that shambles.

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I am suspicious of the blame being heaped on the Lib Dems, a lot of this legislation seems to have been on the “too difficult to deal with” pile already, Lib Dems being a good excuse to junk it.

It might also be pointed out that at the last general election only 23 per cent of the electorate voted Conservative (36 per cent of those voting). Hardly a ringing endorsement. They wouldn’t be in power without the Lib Dems.

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield, Skipton.

I BELIEVE that nobody has any more right to be on this earth than the next person. Supposedly, we live in a democracy, ruled by the will of the people. Why, then, have we been railroaded into losing the ability to make our own decisions on, firstly, whether we go to war or not, and secondly on immigration?

We are ruled by the “elite” who have had common sense educated out of them.They never learn because they cannot see any further than the end of their noses. So preposterous, we couldn’t make it up. I wonder if they believe in God, or merely in themselves at the expense of others?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

THERE has to be something wrong with our system of dealing with “preachers” such as Abu Hamza and his culture of hate when we couldn’t deport him for 10 years but the USA can deal with him in less than two years. We should certainly look to amend our compliance with the European Human Rights Commission.