YP Letters: Fallacy over greenhouse gas claims

From: N Pearson, Carr Bridge Avenue, Leeds.

Was climate change really the trigger for this week's heatwave? Credit: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Oh dear. July is so far proving a warmer than average month, rather than a cooler than average one. That’s called weather.

So inevitably we get the BBC telling us that “most scientists attribute this to greenhouse gas emissions”.

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This is misleading for a number of reasons.

The principal “greenhouse gas” is water vapour – nothing to do with human activity.

The Sun is, as you would expect, the main driver of our warming and cooling;

Physics and history tell us that atmospheric CO2, even if hugely increased can never cause more than a very slight warming, easily overcome by other influences – so no significant man made effect there.

Atmospheric CO2 is, however, a valuable plant nutrient which is historically quite low at present, and consequently, for everyone’s benefit, needs to be increased rather than reduced.

All of which underlines the utter lunacy of wasting gigantic amounts of money at the behest of “green” activists on trying to reduce or “capture” this harmless and beneficial trace gas.

Anyone for croquet?

From: H Marjorie Gill, Clarence Drive, Menston.

The Yorkshire Post (July 20) tells us that so many old pastimes are not being played any more, such as croquet.

Well I am pleased to tell you that there are several croquet lawns in Yorkshire. The one where I play at Ben Rhydding, near Ilkley, is thriving and new members are joining frequently.

Presently there are only three days when the ordinary members are allowed to play, because there are matches with other clubs, but it is very friendly and ideal for those of us who have had to stop playing golf.

One of the difficulties about playing every day is that it takes an experienced and also fairly strong person to set up the lawns, but I believe in time, as it has become so popular, that it may be played every day of the week.

Grouse over top show

From: Jackie Dusi, Arksey, Doncaster.

I DIDN’T realise the Great Yorkshire Show was being run by Dick Turpin and his merry men. It cost me £81 to get three of us in (no concessions for pensioners, of which I am one).

Once inside the showground all we could see were trade stands, trade stands and more trade stands.

We looked at the cattle, horses, sheep and pigs but it was very difficult to get near to the arenas to watch the events taking place there.

I haven’t been to the Great Yorkshire Show for 10 years and it will be a long time before I go again. Remember this is Yorkshire, not London.

Rugby’s lesson
for football

From: Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster.

The Premier League has issued new rules to what has been called “intolerable behaviour” by players and managers towards officials.

This is a positive move and not before time – the behaviour of 90 per cent of footballers makes them appear to be spoiled brats.

They dive on the floor when no one touches them, roll about trying to claim a foul and pull other players back by their arm or shirt because they are not talented enough to combat the better players.

This is cheating, and should carry the same punishment as confronting officials. The new rules are an improvement but need to go further. Fans want to see good football not wrestling, rugby or play acting. Football needs to look at the way rugby is played, with respect, discipline and good fan behaviour.

When football fans see the bad behaviour of their so-called role models on the field, how do you expect them to act on the terraces and in the streets?

Tune in to grammar

From: R Williams, Roundhay, Leeds.

Is it just me who winces every time I hear a BBC radio or television presenter mangle the English language?

Just this morning a Radio Five Live presenter informed the nation that he was “sat” in the Olympic Stadium rather than “sitting”.

And I have started to give up hope of hearing a news reporter say “going to” instead of “gonna”.


Maureen Thompson, Boughton Hall, Chester.

I SPENT a day in Scarborough on Sunday, July 10 and sent a postcard to my family in Bath.

On Thursday, July 21 it finally arrived. The picture was a beach scene showing four donkeys and I wonder if they might have been involved in the delivery.

The Eastern

From: Eddie Peart, Broom Crescent, Rotherham.

Sheffield City Council have agreed a £220bn investment deal from China (The Yorkshire Post, July 21). Is this the Northern Powerhouse through the back door?