Why illegal pavement parking near this hospital must be stopped – Yorkshire Post letters

From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

What should be done about motorists who flout parking laws?

REGARDING LR Hirst’s letter (The Yorkshire Post, May 25) about vehicles parking on pavements.

Duckworth Lane in Bradford leads to Bradford Royal Infirmary’s main A&E entrance, and is therefore very busy with ambulances, patients, visitors and staff.

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Yards before the hospital 
are shops, and some designated spaces for on-road parking 

Otherwise, double yellow lines run along the road.

But vehicles park on the pavement and over those double yellow lines every day, evening and night, even though drivers appear physically able.

Apart from ignorance and selfishness, this is illegal parking.

But the council warden 
service is inadequate, because it does nothing to dissuade those drivers who continually disregard pedestrians, the 
rules of the road and common sense.

From: Jenny Eaves, Balby, Doncaster.

PAVEMENT parking is an undoubted problem and thoughtless motorists can often block the paths of those in wheelchairs and people pushing prams. But the issue largely occurs due to a lack of parking spaces in town and city centres.