Royal python: Appeal for owner of escaped python to come forward

The hunt is on for the owner of a royal python which was found slithering around in a Yorkshire garden.

The four-foot long snake was taken to the RSPCA’s Hull and East Riding branch by the owner of the house, who lives in Hedon, after he made the startling discovery.

The python needed specialist care and accommodation, so RSPCA Inspector Claire Little took the snake to a reptile boarding home. She believes the python, which was in a healthy condition, is an escaped pet and is hoping the owner will come forward.

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“The snake is in good condition and the chap who brought him in was quite knowledgeable. He was able to say it was a python and he’d used a pillowcase to transport him,” said Claire.

A four foot python was found in a Yorkshire garden

“He said that when he picked him up the snake was quite cold, so he took him inside his house to warm up.”

Royal pythons are not venemous but the RSPCA advises that when anyone finds a non-native spieces of snake, they should keep their distance and call them on 0300 1234 999.

Emily Lomas, an animal care assistant at the RSPCA’s Hull and East Riding branch, said: “The python came into us inside a pillow case which had been taped up at the top to prevent him escaping.

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“It looked as though he had eaten something that day as there was a clear bulge. He needed to be looked after so we arranged for him to be taken to a reptile specialist while we wait to see if an owner comes forward.”

The RSPCA said snakes are 'extremely good escape artists' and encourage owners to invest in suitable enclosures for the animals if being kept as pets. The charity also said snakes can be microchipped, and advised owners to have this done by an exotic vet.

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care, call 0300 123 8181.