Watch as local superhero Yorkshire Man jumps into a giant cup of Yorkshire Tea

Video shows the momentous moment Yorkshire’s own superhero Yorkshire-Man jumps into a massive mug of Yorkshire Tea.

Josh Benson, also known as Yorkshire-Man, was seen rising higher and higher above an 8ft-tall mug, which holds more than 17,000 mugs of tea, on August 1. The stunt took place at York Maze.

In between raises, he started adding in the water and milk as part of his theatrical performance, but before he did, he asked the audience: “An age-old debate: Milk in first or water in first?” To which the audience shouted: “Water!”

Mr Benson said: “That’s it, you’re all true Yorkshire folks.”

Yorkshire Man jumps into a giant mug of Yorkshire Tea. (Pic credit: Simon Hulme)

He then proceeded to throw in a massive sack of Yorkshire Tea bags before being raised higher at the demand of onlookers who chanted: “Higher higher.”

They raised him higher and then he joked: “Right, who knows what public liability insurance is?” The audience laughed.

He was raised higher and as he reached his limit, he said: “We’re going to get a countdown but before we do, let’s just say this is a joyous occasion on Yorkshire Day for me to be jumping into this - the holy grail of tea. It’s York Maze Tea.

“Thank you to everybody who’s made this possible. Give yourselves a round of applause. And if it does go wrong, I just want you to remember three things: Nine Nine Nine.”

The audience laughed and all the children shouted: “Do it for Yorkshire!”

They began chanting: “Yorkshire, Yorkshire,” then counted down and he jumps into the mug of tea with a big splash.