Tesco says Sheffield estate ‘too dangerous’ for home deliveries

ANGRY internet shoppers yesterday criticised supermarket giant Tesco after it declared their streets a no-go area claiming they were too dangerous for delivery drivers.

People who live on the Gleadless Valley estate in Sheffield said they were shocked when the grocer suspended all online shopping deliveries, and were supported in their outrage by police and councillors.

Karen Dingle, who lives on the estate’s Overend Way, said she had placed a Christmas food shopping order worth £192, but was telephoned a few hours before her delivery slot to be told it was cancelled.

The 43-year-old said the Tesco operator said she lived in a “bad area” and claimed drivers had been attacked, stones had been thrown at vehicles and goods had been stolen during deliveries.

She added: “We’ve never heard of any problems with delivery vans whatsoever. It just feels like this area is being targeted. I don’t think it’s fair. It makes you feel cut off.”

Inspector Ian Stubbs, from South Yorkshire Police’s south safer neighbourhood area which covers Gleadless Valley, said attacks on drivers delivering to the area were “not a problem”.

He added: “It’s not something that’s been flagged to my attention as a particular problem. There’s nowhere in Sheffield that should be considered a no-go area for anybody.

“I think it’s completely unfair, it’s going to make people worried.

“Gleadless has its problems like many large council estates - but no more so than anywhere else. And, if you look at the crime figures, over the last two to three years there have been significant reductions in all sorts of crime in Gleadless.”

A Tesco spokesman said it “stood by its decision” on deliveries to the estate, but added that its policy on no-go areas was under continual review.