Warning issued over cashpoint criminals

Police are warning members of the public to be on their guard when using cash machines following an increase in reports of ATM offences.

West Yorkshire Police says it has seen a rise in the number of referrals made by banks in the past six months, reporting their customers have been a victim of ATM skimming.

In May, the force received 25 reports of incidents of this nature compared with seven referrals six months earlier.

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These criminals use methods designed to steal money, debit or credit cards or bank account and credit card details when a hole in the wall is used.

Criminals use three methods to trick their victims.

In the first, a device is placed within the machine which prevents the cash from being dispensed.

Customers are led to believe that the machine is broken, allowing the suspect to return to the cash point later in the day, retrieve the device and the cash.

In the second a camera is fitted to the machine which records and reads PIN numbers.

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Thirdly a device is attached to the machine to give the impression that it is a card slot. It records personal banking details which are later used to commit fraud.

Det Insp Steve Taylor of the force’s Economic Crime Unit, said: “When using an ATM be vigilant.

“If the device you are using doesn’t pay out or your cash card is retained and you don’t receive a clear message on the ATM screen as to why, then report this immediately to the bank in person or on the phone.

“If the machine appears to have equipment on it that doesn’t match or looks out of place, again report the matter.

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“Always cover the key pad when entering your PIN and look out for anyone over your shoulder paying attention to you.”

Anyone with any information us asked to contact the Force’s Economic Crime Unit on 0845 60 60 606.