Artist and wallpaper designer Kim West and her live-work home

Artist Kim West is inspired by the wildlife near her coastal home. Sharon Dale visited her live-work apartment. Pictures by Gary Longbottom. When Kim West left college, she was happy to fly the nest to seek work and new adventures elsewhere. But it took leaving the Saltburn area for her to discover that there was […]

People power: YorSpace to build affordable homes in York

A community-led bid to build permanently affordable and sustainable homes in York began in 2012 with a few concerned individuals discussing ideas. Many of them had been locked out of the housing market in a city where the average house price is now £250,933. Now, seven years later, their tenacity has paid off and the […]

One of the biggest and best straw bale homes in Yorkshire is complete. We look inside

Building this house from straw bales was a challenge but the result is a beautiful, sustainable home. Sharon Dale reports. Pictures by Gary Longbottom. Straw bale construction is still a niche method of building in Britain but, after extensive research, Jonathan and Sara Banister decided it was well worth defying convention for. They used the […]

Be prepared for the Brexit effect on house prices

What will Brexit do to house prices in Yorkshire? Property finder Ian Foy provides some guidance. There’s not a day goes by without someone asking me one of the three great existential questions of the time: who will win the Ashes?; can anyone stop Manchester City this year?; what will Brexit do to the housing […]

Homes for oldies could help solve housing crisis, say RIBA

The Office for National Statistics predicts that more than 24 per cent of people living in the UK will be aged 65 or older by 2042. While there are concerns over the soaring cost of state pensions and social care, housing has been flagged as a major issue. A recent report by the Royal Institute […]

Pros and cons of multi-generational living

Tim Waring, Head of Residential at Lister Haigh, Harrogate, looks at the trend towards multi-generational living Have you ever wondered just what estate agents mean when they describe part of a property as being suitable for a wide variety of uses? Or have they just run out of flowery adjectives for a home that already […]