There are already dozens of Yorkshire events on the Community Christmas site. Picture: PA Photo/thinkstockphotos

Site aims to ensure no one spends Christmas Day alone

A WEST Yorkshire pensioner who spent Christmas Day at his local care home has told how an initiative that brings people together on December 25 spared his loneliness, as research revealed that almost three quarters of older people in Yorkshire still don’t know how they will spend Christmas.

Action is needed, says Tory MP Luke Pollard, to halt bank closures.

Luke Graham: Why banks must be made to pay for branch closures

AS a liberal Conservative, I believe in the free market. However, many banks and financial institutions must shoulder a considerable burden of responsibility for the 2008 recession and their subsequent actions. They have endangered customers and taken money from the Government. Now they are happily abandoning some of the most vulnerable communities they claim to support.

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